Our Local Sandwich Shop Serves Fresh Food Here

Visit 7th Street Deli for breakfast or lunch

Order a nutritious meal at our local sandwich shop in Grand Junction, CO

Processed foods have to be heavily seasoned or they'll taste bland. At 7th Street Deli in Grand Junction, CO, you don't have to drown every bite of your sandwich in a dipping sauce. Everything we serve at our local sandwich shop has been made from scratch with top-quality ingredients.

Popular items include the

  • Reuben sandwich, made with corned beef or turkey
  • Little Italy sandwich, featuring traditional Italian flavors
  • Hot brisket sandwich, flavored with our homemade BBQ sauce
  • Santa Fe turkey sandwich, seasoned with roasted green chile peppers and spicy chipotle mayo
Come to our local sandwich shop today to enjoy a tasty, nutritious meal - no dipping sauce needed.